Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hit a plateau...BFC

Hey everybody. I seem to have hit a little plateau on the BFC. I need to go back to counting and logging my intake. I haven't been doing that for awhile because I have been uber busy. I don't think I have been going over at all but what I suspect is happening is that I am actually not eating all of my carbs. That with the water issue over the weekend has me completely stalled. I also think that because of the high level of physical activity I have been doing...any fat loss is offset by muscle gain. I am not very concerned about it because I know that as soon as I go back to counting and logging the pounds will start falling off again. I have to run to the store and get some more psyllium husks because I am out but I have enough fiber on the menu today to keep everything moving at a normal pace. I am happy with my weight loss and even got called "tiny" several times last weekend!! This from other women who are small! I was very pleased because it has been a good long while since anybody called me "tiny"! I also bought a small sweatshirt and it fit! I can't remember the last time I fit in a small! Mainly because my shoulders are quite broad but without the back fat and belly fat, the small fit perfectly. I really hope it doesnt shrink!! LOL.

Thats it for today....have a happy, healthy, BFC day!!


  1. I am right there with you. I have been on a plateau since December. I have had some medical issues that have been keeping from working out as much as I need to, but I guess I should not use that as a excuse.....I will be like you and get back on the track with tracking and getting my water in. I want to make next month a weight loss month.

  2. Probably going back to counting everything is a good idea. Make sure that u don't go over 5 gms of sugar and 2 servings of carbs per meal. That is very important. And choose your carbs wisely. I mean only eat the ones that have nutritional value.
    You can do it ! Don't give up!

  3. I never go over because everything I eat is already on one of my menus. My biggest problem is that I've been missing lunch so I'm not getting all of my Carb svgs each day. I'm not sure why this is important but George says it is so I will go with it. I'm hoping logging my food will help me get those carbs in for lunch. Thankfully I don't snack much so I don't have to wrry about that :-)

  4. Missing lunch probably messes with your body's have been doing so awesome I'm sure you will get back on track soon :)