Thursday, March 31, 2011

Second nature- BFC

Hey everybody. I wanted to share a "whoo hooo" moment I had yesterday. I will start with a tiny bit of back story to help you all get the bigger picture so you can realize how big this moment was. =0) In reading my blogs you probably know that I started care giving for my hubbys grandma almost two weeks ago. It has been a big change for me being gone all day, even though my job is super easy and fun. I have struggled a little bit with figuring out what to take for lunch and snacks, and getting my water in etc but I was getting the hang of it and totally staying on track despite the challenge. Grandma developed a sore throat that quickly turned into a nasty bug this week. Yesterday, her fever wouldn't break and I called her home health nurse, then my Mom in law. After a couple of hours of agonizing waiting, we finally got her into her doctor and she admitted her into the hospital....more waiting and worrying. (Those of you who have had and ill older relative will know just how scary this is!) When we finally got her settled in, my Mom in law took me to lunch at Subway. Here is where my "moment" comes. I didn't think once about cheating on the BFC (and myself). I didn't go for the footlong steak and soda and eat it all in one sitting......I ordered a 6" steak on flatbread and water. No chips, no cookie despite the fact that they had fresh out of the oven raspberry cheesecake cookies! I loaded it with healthy veggies and ate it slowly like I have been doing with all my food. I had previously researched the fast food places where I live so I can walk in to any of them and I already know what I can order and what the sugar/carb count is. About halfway through the sandwich, I realized that I hadn't even been tempted to go off target!! This to me means that the BFC has truely become a lifestyle, not a diet....I am not stress eating, or "cheating"...I love the food I eat and so don't have those urges. WOW......who knew it would be so easy??? The other thing I wanted to comment about and get all of your opinions/experiences is that I can smell sugar in food and drinks....when somebody near me cracks open a soda, pours koolaid, eats a cookie or something like that, I can smell the sugar! My husband takes sugar in his coffee....not much...way less than I used to, but if we happen to be using the same type of cup for our coffee, I never accidently drink his because before it even gets close to my mouth, I can smell the sugar. How wierd is that?? LOL. Well everybody have a great BFC day!!

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  1. Randi you are doing so great! I am very excited to see you doing so well when you are out and around other people. It was very hard for me the first 2 months.

    To me everything tastes sweet now, so I know what you mean.
    I hope she gets better - have a great day!