Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down with the pounds!!

As of today I am down 8.5 pounds and 4 3/4 belly inches! whoop whoop! I already fought through my first little plateau and beat it by cutting out artificial sweeteners. I killed my Mountain Dew and sugared coffee habit dead! Smart water and herbal teas are my new best friend. I am extremely fond of the peach and vanilla flavors. Smart and Delicious tortillas are also a major part of my daily diet. They have almost half of my daily fiber intake which makes it much easier. I have retrained my taste buds to love the taste of Stevia... so in a typical day I eat less than 5g of sugar and those come from natural sources like veggies, whole grain breads and in pre made sauces....sour cream, pizza sauce, marinera sauce etc.

I have had a couple of "moments" when it was harder to resist foods I used to eat but oddly, those didn't come from wanting my old favorite foods. I struggle with bread. I LOVE bread. Sadly, most breads are made with sugar...lots of it or they are made with an artificial sweetnener that is equally bad for the belly (not to mention the brain and body). I am going to try making some of my own rolls, muffins, and other bread products so I can make sure they are belly good because I miss eating my bread. =0( Really, I thought it would be the Mountain Dew or super sugared coffee that would be my downfall....before starting the BFC, I would drink my calories rather than eat them. Those haven't been a problem. I drink Zevia soda when I am having a soda craving and I have my coffee with Stevia and heavy cream. It doesn't taste the same.... but I don't hate it and I made the decision to commit to being healthy so nothing will make me go back to it.

John even made a smootie, which was my other "moment" and I stood firm. I did find a way to make a belly good smooties so I am going to do that today. He also made chocolate chip cookies....didn't even tempt!! I was sick for a day this week so it was really difficult to not eat the usual comfort foods...pudding, mashed potatoes, smoothies, jello, and other things I used to eat when I got a sore throat. I had a hard time making sure I hit my goal of 15/6 but somehow I made it and I am happy about that! Today I am going to hunt up some things I can eat when I'm sick and make a little menu so I am more prepared for the next time my kiddos bring me home "icky buggies". Thankfully, it came and went in a day so I don't have to stess over it right now.

Amazing what 24 days can do for your mind and body! If I hadn't experienced it for myself I would not believe it could be this easy! I don't even think about having the foods and drinks that I used to eat (bread excluded) and I have only been to the gym once for a yoga class yesterday since I started the BFC. All of my loss comes from simply eating and drinking differently. At first, I just wanted to see how the food alone was going to work, then I banged up my knee so that kept me from the gym too. Im not ready to put a lot of stress on it yet but I think I can start back next week. I started doing some ab work and tricep work today at home and I might do a walk DVD just to keep my body moving a little bit. It will also be a good test to see if I am ready to go back. The BFC isn't a "diet" in the sense that it isn't temporary. It is a lifestyle change. I am not "counting the days" until I can have "treats" or whatever. I have changed the way I eat period. I am still in the learning stage....I still have to learn how to make good choices if I eat out and learn how to make the adjustements on the fly but I am also in the process of creating a list of food I can eat at any given place I think we may go. Preparation, preparation, preparation.....

I have to thank one of my best friends Nickie for being my "phone support" buddy. She is not doing the BFC but is super supportive and encouraging, and Lana, whom I have never met but we connected on FB through the BFC group. She has also been very encouraging and has motivated me a time or two to keep it up! Thanks girls!

So lets hear it for healthy minds and bodies.....DOWN WITH THE POUNDS!!!!

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  1. OK Ok......Your motivating me......Sarah and I had a moment Freak-Out/Emotional Day that proved to just be coincided PMS (Funny how are bodies do that).......I am ready to get back to exercising. My problem is the eating, I'm an all or nothing girl so its so easy for me to go anorexic, then binge and purge, its been mine (and a lot of you guys out there)struggles forever! I like that you are making a "life changing" just get the rest of the fam to join on......we have to teach our kids to eat healthy as well so they don't deal with the same problems. Plus with all the hormones, high-fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING!, and all the tricky think your eating good but your not food targeting our children, not even mentioning fast-food or Happy Meals........we've got to do something as a family, community, and country! I truly believe if I could only practice what I preach....LOL