Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Balance....within and without

Balance....its such a simple word, an easy concept to comprehend, but oh so hard to find! I have been struggling with balance for awhile. Part of it is because when I do something, I want to do it well....to the very best of my ability and then some. I want to learn everything there is to know about it and make sure I get it right. More often than not, that process throws everything else in my life out of whack.....things or people get neglected and then I have GUILT!!! This happens with both physical tasks or goals and emotional or mental ones as well. Balance within is hard to achieve because your mind, body and soul all have to be working in sync. Usually one or more of these is off kilter.....which also effects the balance without or the physical things. If I feel wonky, I have a hard time getting things done.....then I have more guilt and feelings of inadequacy or frustration. It is definately a snow ball effect.

For the past few months I have been trying to regimine balance into my life. Um, yea I am that OCD. It didn't work. It took me awhile to realize that it wasn't going to....yes, I am that stubborn too. I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do about it but I realized I needed to do something different....to get different results. Before I had a chance to dig deeper into that...life happened. As it often does when things are going smoothly and calmly, life sent another tidal wave to shake things up. I won't get specific or give the deets but in dealing with the tidal wave, cleaning up the mess it made and setting things back to right.....I found harmony. Harmony and balance are very similar but the difference is more important that you think. Balance is completely equal, solid and unchanging. In contrast, harmony is where something may change, but everything else around that changes too, to compensate and keep things running smoothly so nothing gets ignored. Sort of like a rock vs sand. A rock takes up a certain amount of space. That shape of that space is unchangable. Sand also takes up a certain amount of space but can be manipulated to change shape. Balance is the rock.....harmony the sand. The whole time I was searching for the unforgiving balance, I should have been striving for the maleable harmony. There is no way one can live with complete and constant balance....life throws too may curve balls, but one can live in harmony.....within and without.

So I found harmony. I don't know how I found it because I wasn't looking or even paying attention. I just realized that it had come to me.....and then it was everywhere I looked! Harmony, such a simple word, an easy concept to comprehend, and not so hard to find after all....just don't look!

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  1. I've been meaning to read this one for awhile and finally had the time to sit down and actually read it. Funny enough, you being the "detail" person and me being well "definitely not" I got through the first few paragraphs and then started skimming (sorry just being honest). I think it might be because I think I know the "tidal wave" you are referring to. Although, we may not agree on everything I definitely agree on your "balance" theory and I like the way you described the "harmony" piece......I think I just plain relate to that piece as "peace" :)

    Any how, while in sales training/coaching they always teach you how you need to have balance in your life because most sales people don't......I mean most are on-call 24/7 if they want to make a decent living (or they believe they have to) and most have trouble doing the forbidden "not answering your cell phone" thing that just cracks me up everytime someone has called me 3 times in a row for something very insignificant then goes to call my business partner and rant about how hard I am to get a hold of....LOL you just have to laugh about it, because its all part of the game (I'm talking sales here, but much applies to life, there isn't a person out there that isn't in sales we are "selling" everyday just think about it and you will know what I'm talking about) With that being said, granted there are a select few of us wierdos out there that actually choose to do this as a profession......we are the ones that must have been very difficult teenagers and now this is God's way of making us glutton for punishment, joking.......but funny! :)
    Ok, so I'm totally side-tracked.....and I was bitching about how long your blog was....LOL!!! Its funny how such a quiet guy like John could find two of the most gabbiest people on the planet to marry???? That will be one of lifes mysteries!

    We both have our OCD issues.....does anyone not? Really? I mean some are serious......like medication serious (you know, germaphobes, my sister, etc. LOL) But you are way more into the details, I can't stand the details which has led us to most of our disagreements in the past. Just like I was saying in an earlier conversation this week, some times you just have to "accept" that people are different. Especially when they are family.....If everyone was the same, how boring would that be? You have to accept the things that you cannot understand, and figure out a way to live with it in as you say "Harmony" and not for them but for YOU!! You can waste a lot of this short time here on earth trying to please others, figure others out, or not step-on toes (now I'm not advocating hurting feelings), but what I've found is that you only end up wasting your time and therefore hurting yourself! Embracing differences in people gives us opportunities to LEARN, and that is one of the coolest gifts God gave us.....the cabability to learn & grow as a human being!!!
    Sorry for Ranting on Randi's Rants....