Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My family......

Well if you are reading my blog, chances are you know me.....probably quite well, but if you don't, here is a short (yea right!) blurb to catch you up to speed!

John and I have been together for 4 years and married for 2 and he is my world. I won't make you sick with a bunch of gooshy stuff but the "you complete me" line from Jerry McGuire couldn't be more fitting. Those of you who know my life story understand exactly what that means.

I am the Mom of a rather large blended family.....there are 10 of us....John and I, John Ross, Mikey, Bree, Meghan, Ross, Colbey, Ally and Drew.....and no, they don't all live with us. Where would we put that many kids??? The three oldest are adults now and another one is nearly there as well. We still have a way to go because our youngest is just 9 but we are getting better at it with every kid! LOL.

A word about Mikey....most of you probably don't know about Mike or how important he is to me. None of John's family has ever met Mike and John has only met him once, so I often feel like he is forgotten. But I will never forget. He is my very first boy (sorry buddy, you had all the worst mistakes made on you!!) He came into my life at 3 years old when I married his dad. I was his Mom for 6 years until the kids' dad died and his bio Mom took him. I haven't been able to be as big a part of his life as I would have liked because we lived so far away after that but I am so very thankful to have been his Mom for that time and he will always be my son. I learned a lot about who I am from being his Mom.

My kids are all so very unique and awesome little (or not so little) people. They make em laugh and cry. They make me proud and frustrated and often make me question my ability to be a parent at all! They are my sweetest dream and worst nightmare! I worry, I make mistakes, I pray, I hope, I believe, and I do the best that I can to show them that if nothing else....they are 8 of the most loved people in the world! Having a big blended family comes with challenges but we strive to work through them as best we can. There are no easy answers in parenthood....even logical ones don't work half the time. There is no manual, or troubleshooting section when things get broken. It is a life of trial and error, and more trial and error. What works for one kid, doesn't for the others, and then there is that "fair" concept kids intrinsically have. Life isn't fair, but have you ever tried to explain that to a kid??? But guess what? I love spending time with my kids....because I can see the great adults they are becoming....the "aha" moments when they finally get it.....the compassion they have for one another in times of need is amazing! They can fight amongst each other all day long but when one of them is hurting.....they circle the wagons and protect and support each other. We are one big mostly happy family (we have teens and girls so the requisite drama is always a factor) LOL. It is one wild ride sometimes but I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have every one of them.

So thats my family.....we are large and in charge!

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