Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and beyond...

Hey everybody... my menu for Thanksgiving is BFC friendly as long as I eat smart. I am hosting for our family as is tradition so of course I have to provide the goodies that non BFCers eat. There will be pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes and all that. I simply wont eat it. I am going to treat Turkey day just like any other day. I will eat turkey, tons of veggies, a small amout of potatoes and one roll. My treat for the meal will be cranberry sauce in a very small amount. I don't like pie anyway so that will be easy. I am making some pudding for my desert...probably using Katie's recipe. I am going to have the attitude of going to a restaurant with friends....just "order" what I can eat and leave the rest in the kitchen. Here is a breakfast! A lot of people end up not eating breakfast because they much all day while getting the dinner ready. Don't. Eat a good breakfast with protein, fiber and all that. You will be far less tempted to snack and gorge when dinner is ready. Your body has been trained, now its time to get control of your mind! LOL.

I will admit that it is difficult to go around the grocery and not be tempted to buy the seasonal goodies....indeed it is but everytime I am tempted I think of my skinny jeans and put it back or walk on by. If you want real motivation...stick a "fat" picture on the fridge! LOL. I know some people stick a goal picture on the fridge but I think it would be more motivating to stick a fat one there too....then you are making a concious choice between the two. Since I have hit my goal weight and I have not had a problem just maintaining I don't feel the need to do that but believe me I will be watching my scale like a hawk to keep myself honest!!

On a different topic.... I havent been sleeping well at all! For the past 3 weeks I have had terrible insomnia. Partly because I occasionally go through these phases but mostly because my hubby works day shift for the first time in the 5 years we have been together and I find it very difficult to sleep with him in bed. Not to mention that his "zombie bait" alarm goes off at 300, 330, and 4 am! Only a week or two until he goes back to swing and I cant wait!!! I sleep much better when he comes to bed at 2 or 3 am instead of with or before me! Who knew?? lol. It doesnt help that I appear to have year round allergies and I am congested with that nasty post nasal drip dark circles have dark circles and I have an almost continuous headache. Grrr. Sorry girls, I had to throw a little whine in there!

As we gear up for this holiday season, stay strong, stay positive, and most of all STAY SAFE!

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