Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Working through challenges

I feel like this year my life has a theme..."working through challenges". It seems like that is what I have done for most of the year....gone from one challenge to the next on a personal level. From allergies, the BFC, quitting smoking, and dealing with going a little crazy from the meds....oh and lets not forget being sick for the past 3 weeks. I am also going back to work watching my hubbys Grams again because he got a good job with health ins and all that. I am excited about the benefits....not so much about going back to work. It didnt turn out so well last time because my allergies really bother me at my inlaws house. Plus, I dont really have time to keep my own house running smoothly so this is going to be a challenge of keeping things balanced. I wouldnt be as worried about it but I think that my meds are off and I need to have the doc figure out a better plan for helping my body adjust. Unfortunately, I have to wait until the insurance kicks in because the doc I need to see is really expensive. I am sure things will work themselvess out but I am stressing a little bit over this upcoming challenge.

On the BFC front, I have gone back to psyllium husks for my fiber goto because try as I might, I just cannot keep the chia seeds down. It is disappointing because it is such an easy and yummy way to get in the daily fiber. Oh well, at least I found the psyllium husks at half the price I was paying so I bought a couple of containers. I also have found that eating protein with breakfast is a must for me....otherwise I get really hungry between meals.....so I will have either a breakfast burrito with the smart and delicious tortillas or a couple of sausage links or patty with my Uncle Sams cereal. If I do that then I am good to go for quite awhile. I need to focus on getting more veggies in...there is a tricky balance between enough fiber and enough veggies without going over on carbs....and not getting bored with the food you eat! I think it will be an ongoing challenge but well worth it because I am staying thin through it all.

I still can't post pictures from my xoom...all I can do is change my profile pic so one of these days I really need to jump on hubbys computer and put some more current photos up as well as some before and afters....

Hope you all have a great BFC day!


  1. That's part of the reason I've been enjoying the Fast Track so much - with all my carbs from veggies, nuts, and seeds, my carb intake is fairly low and my fiber intake is pretty great. I am not missing bread any one bit.

  2. I always say that breakfast is the most important meal. If you eat good in the morning, it keeps you fuller longer.
    I hope everything works out with the doctor.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. I find if I eat protein for breakfast I stay full longer too. I have tried eating just oatmeal and I feel hungry sooner. I hope all works out for you and life become a little less stressful.