Saturday, April 16, 2011

this....that...and another change

Saturday morning and I am up early but it's nice because its quiet! No kid voices, no TV, just the sound of the keyboard and the gas fireplace heating up. Quiet time for Mom is good for the soul. I have a great day ahead of me. Two of the kids have a soccer game and my parents are coming up! I haven't seen them since December so I am really excited!!!! After that, I am going to take my horse to the chiropractor to get his back adjusted. Hopefully that will help him out a lot. He isn't in any visable pain but he is really stiff laterally and is a half stride short with his back legs. This makes it really hard to work him because I am not sure if the excercises cause him discomfort and pain or not. Either way, I should have answers today and be able to move forward with training. I can't wait!! It looks like rain all day today but not as much as yesterday so maybe we will stay dry for the soccer game. (one can hope, right??) Well, it looks like my hubby might have an "in" at a good job. Decent pay, the right hours for our family, and full benefits paid by the company....for all of us! We won't know for a little while yet but I really hope he gets it because we need the health insurance! I am a little nervous about how things will go with both of us working but I am working on having some contingency plans for that. Because I can't leave Grandma alone, if one of the kids has a doc appt or gets sick, my hubby comes up to take care of Grandma or picks the kids up or whatever. But if we are both working.....we need a plan for when that happens. I haven't quite figured it out just yet but I am sure I will find a way to make things work. I know I "worry" about things too much sometimes but that is the product of experience....I don't like having something happen that could have been prevented with a little planning and preparation. It helps keep life running more smoothly and prevents stress and aggrevation. It's been a crazy week.....everyday but Monday at the doc or hospital with Grandma or the kids or both! I have discovered that clean hospital air really bothers my asthma and gives me a bad headache....who knew?? LOL. After spending the day at the hospital, having breathing troubles and headaches.....45 minuets at the dusty barn cleared it all right up! I have no clue why but hey, there it is. Well, I have to get ready for the day....hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will catch you on the flip side!!

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  1. I hope all goes well with the horse and grandma. I understand wanting to plan things out in advance - I am that way also.
    That's funny about the breathing thing.
    Have a great weekend too :-)